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I have been trying to write about my new addiction but the draft it seems doesn’t want to be published. It has remained a draft for almost a month now. It is quite ironic because the topic I have been attempting to write about is not at all extraordinary but very simple: CACTUS. The very same plant that grows in the desert; the plant that doesn’t need to be watered regularly; that very plant with green irregular trunk and stems and spikes for leaves, that is the plant I have wanted to write about but failed for several times.
For wanting to take up a new hobby, I have decided to take care of plants that are not the kind my mother takes care of in her garden. They just have to be different so I can call them my own. It is not interesting to take care of things that other people have.
Fuji, one of my favorite Prince of Tennis characters, has inspired me to take care of cactus because he has a collection of one. At first I thought it was weird to have even just one because normally we let cactus grow in the desert and I doubt there is a single person in this world sane enough to water a cactus in the desert. After a while, it makes sense because it busts stress like a regular plant but it is not difficult to maintain it. For a busy person like Fuji--just imagine a middle school student and a member of the tennis club--it is highly recommended. For a person like me who juggles work, family, and relationship, a cactus is indeed a good idea.

Fuji, my Zebra Cactus
Last February 3, I bought my very first cactus. I was hesitant to give love to it at first because I am not even sure if it was a real cactus. It doesn't look abnormal. In fact, it looks normal in every way, one will forget it is cactus. It looks like a normal ornamental plant. I call it Fuji.

The second one looks like the desert type that for some reasons, I only water it twice a week. I name this one Eiji.

I plan to buy the other kinds and name them after my other favorite anime characters. I am still contemplating though since this idea means having a lot of money to spend, a lot of cacti to share my love, and a lot of spines.

dream pair, Eiji and Fuji
As to why I was not able to write about my cactus as soon as possible, I think it is because I have been accustomed to having them around me now that they don't seem as remarkable as before. Well they did. The problem was my charger gave up on me for two weeks and there were more exciting things to write about this February.

Last but not the least among my reasons, a cactus is still a cactus no matter where you put it: desert, home, or even blog. It can thrive without me. It is not even thinking about me! How unfair is that!

I may have failed to write about them when I still had the thrill upon owning them but I don't forget greeting them good morning as soon as I wake up, and goodnight before I sleep. I maybe an irresponsible writer but I think I am a good mommy to my cacti...now that sounds creepy.

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