let's VOLT in

I have been using my notebook for about two years and two months now so it is but natural that it begins showing some signs of aging. Also, it has gone through a lot from my mom's Zuma adventure, my father's chess tournament (himself vs. the computer), my brothers' sounds and games, and my consistent web surfing and blogging. I am not worried about its system breaking down any minute since Russ is there to help me any time. What I am worried about are the external devices of my computer because no matter how much I take care of them, they deteriorate. An example of which is the charger.

If ever I wouldn't be able to beat my blogging record in February last year, I would be blaming my nice little charger. It has not been working properly for days and last Tuesday it completely has stopped working. I have tried all that I could for it including talking to it-yes I have!—and putting rubber bands on it so the cable would stay in place. All my efforts have been rendered futile. Now, I am anxious since I have a total of seven blog posts last year in February and this year, I haven't even blogged about my brother's wedding, my anxiety for our first concert, my newly bought cactus, and the condition of my boyfriend. It's all because of the blasted charger and its inconsistencies.

I have lots of deadlines including the finalization of the playlist my club is going to use for the concert, the grades I am supposed to pass this Saturday and other things I need to attend to this month. This condition of my charger adds up to my stress. The fact that the salary is a week way does not help.

 I am just blessed that I have somebody who is always there to help. With the permission of his parents, Russ has lent me his family’s notebook. This is what I am using for making the grades and I am proud to say that I have been able to finish computing the grades of my students in one day. I am still in the middle of encoding them. I have been able to publish one blog post for February and this will be the second one. I have to be more responsible in using this computer since this is not mine and that means finishing my requirements before the time. Thanks to Russ and his notebook, I am able to accomplish these things.

Hopefully, I will be able to have my notebook up and running again after a week. It is really difficult not having it around since I use it every day. My only resolution right now is to take care of my charger well. Perhaps it will last longer, even by day.

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