Nunc Luyx, Munc Nox

Now it is Light, suddenly it is Night.

A line taken from a book called Lightland by HL McCutchen.

Pretty nice book: short enough to be interesting. Not the typical thick novels anybody can buy but nobody can read.

what i liked about this book is the choice of characters: a girl who wears pajama to school, Charlotte Cook, and a boy who doesn't talk, Lewis Weaver. Nice match.

Also, it's a breather considering the vampire stories that dominate bookshelves today.


Blazestriker said...

Hahaha... good to know that you found it interesting, guess I gotta start reading my own books before they pile up, hehehe...

WalaAkongKwenta said...

..you better..
...by the way, thanks for the book.
....haven't started reading it yet...