their fantasies

...so while they were off to their fantasies of ruining my life, i'm here updating my blogs and whatnots. i honestly don't care (although writing about 'em refutes my statement). ...gone were the days when i would just say yes to whatever they wanted me to do... they went away with the wind after i have succeeded the LET exam... ...i'm professional enough to know what i can and cannot do, what my expertise are and my waterloos. so if i say i can't and i don't want, i mean it.


Blazestriker said...

Hahaha, there ya go again, but hey, I have to agree. But always remember: "Man lives not for himself but for others." I wish you good luck though. XD

WalaAkongKwenta said...

good luck for?

and don't preach; doesn't suit you...harhar