who would you like to meet and spend the whole day with

Some people would call choosing one among my family members hypocricy. Obviously they expect me to choose my former-or-current-or-future knight on a white steed--I do not deny that. I hope to meet "him" one day. However, if i were given a chance to meet and spend the whole day with someone, I would definitely choose my grandmother.
Lola Pacita Ybasco y Frio brought me up. She never told me than "honesty is a virtue" and "time is gold." She showed me how to live.
There was even a time when I gave more importance to her than to my own mother. But that ended sometime in 2004 when I learned that I needed to move forward and tears could not bring her back. And probably, she wouldn't like me to be too hard with my mother.
Not a day passes by that I wouldn't regret that I didn't tell her how much she meant and means to me before she died.
So given a chance like that, I would want to hold her hand again as we walk along the streets of Makati at dawn. and simply tell her that she was and still is my childhood. and I could only look back at my childhood with her in mind.
My lola shared a part of her life with me and I am proud to choose her against princes-or-knights on horses in the world.

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Blazestriker said...

Sori to hear about your grandmother, guess you must miss her so much...

"Objects may depriciate overtime but memories will not." Not unless your already an old hag... hahaha