Writer's Block: Good Days and Bad Days

most exciting day is Sunday--since it gives a whole lot of anticipation

most energetic day is Monday--energized after slumber weekends

....nastiest day is Tuesday...it makes me think of the rest of the week. pretty boring...after monday all my energy is drained already

most promising day is wednesday--get to think of the plans i have for the weekend..it makes the week shorter (according to perspective that is)

most seat-spoiler day is thursday--get pretty much excited, can't stay in my seat...haha..

favorite day is Friday because it holds a lot of promises.harhar

most peaceful day is Saturday---i get to sleep all day (unless i'm called to this club meeting)

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Blazestriker said...

Wow, being you must really be boring... hehehe... but my life's way more boring than your's. XD